Hours: Monday - Friday shows at 9am & 3pm, Saturday shows at 11am & 1pm, extra shows will be added as needed. During November to March shows times may vary.

The Charleville Bilby Experience offers a must-see show!

Join a tour of our nocturnal house (where we alter the timing so that the bilby’s night is during our day) and see some super cute bilbies during their night-time activities. After an engaging talk by one of our keepers you will understand more about the plight of this delightful eco-engineer and exactly why they are worth saving from extinction.

The Save the Bilby Fund has been working hard on the breeding facility here in Charleville and we have produced over 50 babies in the last couple of years. Our management of the pairings (ensuring genetic diversity) means that we are helping build up the bilby populations across Australia with the intent of insuring them against extinction. Protecting bilbies and their environments mean that many many other native Australian species (some not as cute as our bilbies!) will also be saved.

Lastly, round off your visit by purchasing a bilby souvenir in the gift shop – all bilby souvenirs and donations benefit the work of the Save the Bilby Fund. Or become a Mate of the Bilby and support them all year round.

Terms and Conditions

To avoid a 100% cancellation fee a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation must be provided. Children must be accompanied by a paying adult