Doug & Tracey Goebel from Native Oz Bushfoods, an Aboriginal family-owned and operated business, farm, and retail a range of Australian native Bushfood products.

Doug is a proud Bundjalung man, his ancestor coming from the North-eastern NSW.

Drought hit them hard in 2018 causing them to push all their stock from the farm and turn the property into some form of sustainable living as well as return the eco system back to the land in once was. Having no water for Irrigation, the love for native foods there was only one way to go. So, the couple started planting Native Bushfood trees on their 40-acre property, and then 2019 launching their retail range with 3 products. Native Oz Bushfoods now has over a dozen hand crafted gourmet blends in the range. Such as jams, salt blends and sauces, Ingredients used have either been grown on farm or been sustainability sourced from regional Aboriginal Communities around Australia.

Currently their native food orchard has around 450 trees, main crops are Old Man’s Saltbush, various edible wattles, Native Tamarind, as recent rains caused a lot of their desert trees to die off. They also host over 40 different varieties of edible natives in their educational garden. That they are opening for you to enjoy

So come along for that touch and taste experience

The tour including a smoking ceremony and acknowledgement to country, an educational guided tour and bushfood inspired morning tea.

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