Hours: 7 days a week, all year round!

Experience the thrill of silent soaring flight above the Central Desert. Enjoy views of the Tanami Desert from the air, and you might even fly with some wedge tail eagles! A must do adventure when you visit Alice Springs!

Glider Flights with experienced GFA accredited pilots.

We also run full two day, 3 day and week-long gliding courses. Learn to fly gliders in Alice Springs!

We will organise transfers, accommodation, club membership, glider hire and more.

We offer one week ab-initio courses, post-solo training, and cross country flying training.


We organise flying courses throughout the year. Minimum participation is 2 students (one on request). You will fly from Monday to Friday and get hands-on instruction from GFA certified instructors from day one.

We fly from Bond Springs Airstrip, just 25 km North of Alice Springs.

You might be able to fly solo within a week, depending on weather, ability and aptitude.

CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR COURSE 1. Unforgettable Outback experience 2. Unique Australian Alice Springs hospitality 3. You WILL learn to fly a glider in a week 4. You WILL be hooked for life!

Terms and Conditions

Any cancellations or last minute changes within 24 hours incur 100% cancellation fee to cover costs already arranged. Any cancellation or changes to date or times outside of 24 hours do not incur fees however notice is appreciated.