Hours: WWII Secret Tours will be held daily from April - Oct. WWII Secret Base is open Monday - Friday 9AM - 4:30PM Weekends until 2:30PM

We offer 2 distinctive WWII products here in Charleville: WWII Secret Base - an interactive exhibition centre - outlining Charleville's role during 1942-46. WWII Secret Tour - a guide led tag along tour, visiting 7 significant locations on the what was an USAAF Base. Both products have different admission prices, admission for one does not include the other.

Discover why over 3500 United States Army Airforce personnel were stationed in Charleville during WWII. In this guide led, tag along convoy tour you will discover; aviation history, romance stories, living quarters and appreciate the extreme measures taken to keep one of the most sought after secrets of WWII, safe. *Your own vehicle is required.

Also, experience for yourself what life was like for 3500 United States Army Air Force personnel stationed in Charleville in 1943. Enlist yourself at our brand new (2020) interactive, educational exhibit, showcasing; Ocean voyages, Top Secret information, classified missions, wartime romances and command your own bombing mission from inside a simulation B-17 Bomber.

Terms and Conditions

In the event that the WWII Secret Base & Tour cancels a tour due to adverse circumstances you have a choice of rescheduling your tour at no cost or receiving a full refund. If you cancel your tour within 24 hours no refund is available.