Keen to sample as much of the region’s amazing produce while you’re on holiday? We suggest you time your visit to coincide with the Gascoyne Food Festival, extend over six weeks, celebrating everything from fresh seafood to juicy mangoes. Rub shoulders with Perth’s finest chefs as they showcase the Gascoyne’s produce during the highly anticipated Long Table Lunch in Carnarvon and other pop-up events across the region including Dirk Hartog Island, Quobba Station, Exmouth, Wooramel and Mt Augustus. Local restaurants and cafes get in on the act too, all celebrating what’s best about the region’s food producers and farmers. Find out more information at

Terms and Conditions

REFUNDS/ CANCELLATION: NO Refunds on tickets. Any names changes to tickets will be charged a fee of $2.95 per ticket. If you purchase tickets in a group of 10 and one person wishes to change their ticket all tickets will need to be reissued. Please note if you book multiple tickets in your name and wish to add the actual ticket holder later. You will need to pay this name change fee. This is due to the additional admin required in the back end to ensure tickets are issued correctly.